Our cooking

Paprica’s cooking style is creative and constantly evolving. While it is rooted on traditional Galician food, it’s also highly technical and creative. We use seasonal products from local markets. The Express and bar choices change every 3 weeks. Our Menu is filled with new dishes to match the season.


Simple, evolving, fresh, creative and local this is how our menu is composed: always focused on the product.

A seasonality, closeness and soustainability are the hallmarks of Paprica’s cuisine. Take a look at our Menu to see every choice.

Express Menu

If you are looking for a compleate yet diverse lunch the Express menu is a winner.

Paprica’s Express Menu and Tasting Express Menu change every 3 weeks. Click the button and take a look at our today’s menu.

Lounge Bar Menu

Paprica’s bar menu is intended for a more casual and affordable meal. Our bar menu can be served at the counter but also at the open air counter in the street and during summer in the Paprica’s terraceThe best bet for some appetizers with friends.

Paprica´s cellar

“We offer different types of wine to maridate with the uniqueness of our cooking. Some wines are humble, others powerful. A complete variety of grapevines spreading hours of optimism, resolutions, confidences or just bringing up the flavours of Paprica’s dishes from the glass to you”.

Mercedes González – Sumiller

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