About us: the Restaurant and the Chef

We are a young dynamic team that likes to learn by doing. We travel. We collaborate. We adjust and innovate as we strive to find the best balance between traditional and modern cuisine. We prioritize quality products, organic whenever possible. If a product can be locally sourced and is organic you will surely find it at Paprica.

All this helps shape our creative dishes that change every season and use local quality products.

Since we opened in 2007 we have received several honors, including the Q for Spanish Quality in Tourism. “Restaurants granted with the AENOR Q for Spanish Quality in Tourism have gone through audits to ensure that the requirements set forth in the Standards are being fulfilled, in order to guarantee a quality service that is safe and professional”. This distinction is renewed every year in the Michelin Guide.

Álvaro Villasante

Born in Palas de Rei (Lugo), Álvaro Villasante has built a career that has taken him to Lugo, Lleida, Tenerife, Miami, and Barcelona. Throughout it, he has worked with great names in high cuisine, including Sergi Arola and Ángel Palacios en “La Broche” (Miami), Gonzalo Tamames in “Rincón de Gonzalo” (Tenerife), Ramón Freixa en “Racó d’en Freixa” (Barcelona), and Óscar Sabate en “Eth Taro” (Val d’Arán)

He is part of Nove Cociñeiros a group whose mission is to increase the visibility and importance of Galicia’s extensive gastronomic culture.

Travels. Events. Collaborations

Álvaro never stops. He collaborates with various institutions, events, festivals and food fairs, among others. Both nationally and internationally, here and there, he is always learning and always striving to promote Galician cuisine wherever he goes.

Nove Cociñeiro

Our chef Álvaro Villasante is part of the prestigious group  Nove Cociñeiros, undoubtedly the most relevant in Galician cuisine, boasting of the most important names in Galician gastronomy. The group aims at “…vindicat[ing] the modernity and relevance of the new Galician cuisine without giving up on the origins of the avant-garde gastronomy ‘made in Galicia,’ which combines the best of tradition and innovation.”

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