Our philosophy

Organic farming standards, sustainability, and humane treatment of animals

All of our fruits and vegetables at Restaurante Paprica are organic and locally sourced. In addition, all our meats come from farms where the humane treatment of animals is the norm.

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You can enjoy our tasting menu in our dining room as well as our patio.

The menu will always have: 1 Entree snack + 3 Entrees + Fish Dish + Meat Dish + Cheese Platter + Dessert + Water, Bread, and Coffee included

Our tasting menu varies accordingly with the best available products every week. 

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When autumn comes we include many extraordinary products from this exciting season.
Cockles, mullets, sea bass, octopus … exquisite seasonal vegetables such as eggplants, pumpkins, cabbage, spinach, carrots. Of course, all kinds of mushrooms and exquisite pieces of veal, pork, chestnuts and other seasonal nuts.

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